Summer fun

table runnertable runner 2 table runner3Before I go into the fall season I want to show you just a couple of fun decorating ideas  I did for the summer. I have a table that you see just as you walk into my condo. I like to decorate it with fun items to welcome visitors and to show what time of the year it is. For summer I found this fun piece of material in a scrap bin at my local sewing store. The cost was reduced to just about nothing. I brought it home doubled it and sewed some edging around it to make a nice table runner. Then I set my candles on the table with yellow candles in them. Added some fun glasses I bought again at a reduced priced. Filled them with fun little candies. I set my angel in the middle to add to the setting. There you have it. A fun little way to add some decor to your entry way.


Fun time of the year

I enjoy this time of the year. The Holidays are sneaking up on us and that is time to get crafting!!! The first being fall. I will share some items and decoration ideas with you in the following days.